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Come experience the world of laser no shots no drill no numb lip or tongue

Laser dentistry can improve the precision of your treatment while minimizing pain and recovery time.

Laser dentistry incorporates state-of-the-art technology in various aspects of dental health practice and treatment, but the technology has yet to break into the mainstream of dentistry.

It is estimated that approximately 5% of all dentists have lasers available in their clinics today. Divine Touch Dental Hospital holds the pride to possess one of the finest lasers in the world with a specialized team of laser dentists, surgeons

The potential for laser dentistry to improve dental treatment comes from the precision with which lasers can treat an area of focus, the control that laser dentists have over power output, and the duration of exposure on the skin.

Here are some of the major benefits associated with laser dentistry:

  • Needle free or “no anesthesia” dentistry
  • Restorative dentistry without the numbness or “fat lip” from the anesthetic shot.
  • Less chair time for many procedures.
  • Faster and better treatment of gum disease.
  • Reduced need for sutures.
  • New approaches for dental infections, requiring less antibiotics and pain medications.
  • Regenerative techniques enabling fewer extractions.
  • Faster and more comfortable healing.
  • Less pain associated with laser dentistry compared with more traditional treatments.
  • Less bleeding.
  • Less discomfort.

Laser dentistry can improve the precision of your treatment while minimizing pain and recovery time.

This versatile device performs a host of both tooth and soft tissue procedures, often times with no need for local anesthesia. It contains both an ER:Yag and  Nd:Yag laser. This laser lacks the heat and vibration of the dental drill so many fillings can be done without anesthesia. For soft tissue procedures it often eliminates the need for suturing and healing is much faster due to wound sterilization and the a traumatic effect of the laser on surrounding tissues.

We also use lasers to diagnose cavities. The Diagnodent machine uses laser fluorescence to find hidden decay in teeth at the earliest stages. Small lesions are found much sooner than if traditional instrument methods are used allowing for much less invasive fillings. Decay  can also be identified so early that it can be reversed through hygiene, diet, and fluoride measures such that it may never need a filling.

Uses of Lasers in Dentistry

A number of procedures can be performed including……

  • All classes of dental fillings. It’s only limitation is that it cannot remove old silver amalgam.
  • Laser periodontal surgery: no scalpels, sutures, or post operative pain
  • Smile improvements, i.e. gum sculpting that lengthens teeth due to oversized gingiva
  • Gingivectomy, gingivoplasty, crown lengthening, and other gum corrections
  • Root canals using the innovative PIPS procedure (Photon Induced Photoacoustic Streaming)
  • Removal of oral lesions such as fibromas or pappilomas, usually with topical anesthesia only
  • Excisional and incisional biopsies
  • Frenectomy (“tongue-tie” release, orthodontic or periodontal indications) without anesthesia or sutures
  • Pediatric procedures. The lack of needles or drills is a huge plus for kids.
  • Cold sore treatments
  • Apthous Ulcer (“canker sore” ) treatments
  • Treatment of minor mouth and gum irritations

Advantages dental lasers include…….

  • Often no drill or needle for fillings
  • No needle for many soft tissue procedures
  • Increased bond strength for fillings
  • Reduced post op sensitivity with fillings
  • Thorough disinfection of tooth prior to filling placement
  • Treat kids with no needle or drill
  • More rapid healing and reduced pain after soft tissue procedures
  • Drug free cold sore and apthous ulcer treatments with immediate pain relief and healing within two to three days
  • Excellent adjunct to crown and bridge work for improved gingival health and more accurate impression

Divine Touch Dental has always been a pioneer in bringing innovative technologies. We have introduced Diode Dental Laser, the latest tool in our modern clinic. We believe in giving our patients, the world best treatment options with the latest equipments and promise to continue the same.

Laser Dentistry is an advanced system and well established in dentistry in developed countries and it is extremely useful in various dental conditions. We consider Laser Technology as a boon to Dentistry and our special emphasis on Laser Assisted Treatments is putting us on the forefront of Dentistry World.

Two kinds of LASER machines are used for different procedures:

Hard Tissue Laser

  • Er:YAG

Soft Tissue Laser

  • Diode Laser

Advantages of Lasers over conventional Technologies:

  1. No need for dental drills.
  2. Treatment of pyorrhea (Bleeding Gums) without surgery by laser.
  3. Painless root canal treatment by laser.
  4. Cosmetic & facial treatment by laser.
  5. Analgesic effect minimum Anesthetic requirement.
  6. Single step procedure for TEETH whitening.
  7. Immediate relief from painful oral ulcers & tooth sensitivity.
  8. Effective Treatment of restricted mouth opening (OSMF) by laser.
  9. Bloodless dental & oral procedure – so less or no swelling, pain & pain & drugs.
  10. Faster & better healing.

Laser assisted wisdom tooth